Language, discrimination and software development

I recently noticed myself using gendered language to talk about computer things where gender was irrelevant.  This got me thinking about language, and prejudice and discrimination, more broadly.  Beyond the obvious, decency-related reasons, being more open to how people are different from you could help you do your job in IT. Gendered magic The trigger … Continue reading Language, discrimination and software development


A friend recently talked to me about blogging, and it got me navel gazing a bit.  I’ve not really thought about how or why I blog, and I guess it’s a good thing to be a reflective practitioner.  At the risk of being self-indulgent, this is an article about how and why I blog.  As … Continue reading Blogging

Performance optimisation – for machines or people?

I recently watched a video and listened to a podcast that form an interesting pair of opinions about performance.  The video is Patterns for high-performance C# and the podcast is SE-Radio Episode 357: Adam Barr on Software Quality. There are two things where the podcast and video have no differences: the system must behave correctly, … Continue reading Performance optimisation – for machines or people?