Imagination might not be the first quality you think of when you think of people who build computer systems.  However, I think it’s really helpful for many parts of the process – designing, building and testing it. Old English Digression First, a digression into Scandinavia via UK primary schools.  This is my friend Tim Eagling … Continue reading Imagination

Performance optimisation – for machines or people?

I recently watched a video and listened to a podcast that form an interesting pair of opinions about performance.  The video is Patterns for high-performance C# and the podcast is SE-Radio Episode 357: Adam Barr on Software Quality. There are two things where the podcast and video have no differences: the system must behave correctly, … Continue reading Performance optimisation – for machines or people?

Mutation testing

Mutation testing is a way of judging the quality of your tests, just as tests are a way of judging the quality of your code.  Usually, the tests that mutation testing works with are automated unit tests.  In theory it could apply to manual and/or higher-level tests like integration or system tests, but I hope … Continue reading Mutation testing